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After my marriage: Franziska Klügl-Frohnmeyer - however it seems to be quite problematic associating my publications with my new name, therefore I try to use my maiden-name as often as possible.


University of Würzburg
Department for Artificial Intelligence and Applied Computer Science
Am Hubland
D-97074 Würzburg
Room: B012
Phone: ++49 931 888 6742

Since Dec 2006 I'm back working full day in Würzburg. As I'm still living quite far away from Würzburg, I'm not in my office every day, but most of the week. Thus, finding me in B012, phone no. 0931 888 6742 is quite probably. Otherwise, contact me per email or icq (41 314 874) or email or ask Petra Braun for my telefon number at home.

email: kluegl<AT>

-------------Call for Book Chapters: Multiagent Systems in Traffic and Transportation-------------------


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